Wallace Simpson was born and raised on the East Coast in Baltimore, MD. After studying music as an undergraduate at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, he went on to graduate school at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. While teaching electronic and computer music, he became interested in computer graphics, animation and video technologies. After leaving school he worked in the technology retail and industrial video production fields, refining his composition skills along the way.

After a brief stay in Milwaukee, WI, where Wallace started an IT career, he landed in the Seattle area working for Microsoft. It was at this time he took up digital photography with his first digital camera (4mp Canon G2) and started capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It seemed everywhere he went, Wallace saw forests, waterfalls, mountains and coastal scenes he wanted to capture and share with his friends and family back east. In fact, it wasn't until he moved to the West Coast when he realized he has a deathly fear of edges, like cliffs and narrow mountain roads with no guard rails. He learned this his first summer out West driving the family down the Oregon coast with children aged 3 and 6. Even after almost 15 years in the Pacific Northwest he still gets chills when Mt Rainier "is out", seeing the massive water flow over Snoqualmie Falls during the spring melt, or seeing the Milky Way rise over jagged mountain peaks.

Two new Canon bodies, a dozen lenses bought and sold, and over 170,000 photos later, Wallace has put together a strong resume and portfolio. He has been featured on Bing.com’s home page twice, has a self-published book, and has sold prints online and through local arts festivals. He continues his love of teaching by offering small classes and one-on-one lessons to help beginners learn the basics of digital photography technologies and photo editing. Wallace is exploring retail channels for some unique products like his City Planet Clock series and other non-traditional media such as canvas, aluminum and Plexiglas prints.

Wallace’s portfolio recently expanded to include images from South America and Cuba!! In May 2013, Wallace completed an epic photo journey with The Giving Lens to Cuzco, Peru, to help establish a photo program for kids who need a creative outlet after school. After trekking to Machu Picchu for several days, he continued on to Buenos Aires, Argentina to enjoy wine, steak, and wonderful hospitality of the local people.


In January 2016 Wallace traveled to Havana and Trinidad in Cuba to meet people, hand out skateboards and camera gear, and take photos.  As a result he published a coffee table book and Kindle editions documenting the gracious people he met and the tranquil beauty Cuba presents.

His portfolio features travel landscapes from frequently traveled spots around the Pacific Northwest, Ireland, New York, Baltimore, and Maui. He loves the challenges of “stitching” multiple photos together to create unique high resolution panorama scenes and landscapes, cityscapes, and sports stadiums. Wallace loves to capture the natural beauty seen through travel with a goal of someday becoming a full-time travel photographer, writer and teacher.

Wallace Simpson
Exploring the world, one photo at a time.