Cuba: A Photographer's Journey Through Havana & Trinidad

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While the idea of Cuba stirs thoughts and images of a 1950s heyday, cigars and rum esteemed around the world, and classic cars cruising Caribbean roads emanating sounds of Son Cubano, the reality of this isolated island is far more intriguing. 

More than five decades ago, our countries diverged on paths that changed not just how our nations relate, but seemingly the speed at which time advances. Over the course of eight days in January 2016, Wallace Simpson meets the people of Cuba, explores the culture, and gains insight into daily life. The result is a decidedly human experience conveyed through intimate views of the differences 50 years of separation can create, as well as of the common elements that bind us all. 

More than a collection of images, Cuba: A Photographer’s Journey Through Havana & Trinidad introduces us to a face of a Cuba few of us have seen, and even fewer have experienced.


Here is a glimpse of the book from an unboxing video.