I LOVE making videos and have ever since my first computer animation short entitled "Mr. Lollypop Head" from 1987. I spent years as a professional videographer, shooting and editing weddings and promotional and training videos, way back before the power of the PC revolutionized the industry.

This gallery features a few videos showcasing my portfolio as well as some timelapse studies. These timelapse videos require planning and patience and they are a great way to present an interesting and unique perspective on a variety of subjects.

My workshops can help you produce videos just like this - either interesting slideshows or the shooting and editing techniques needed to create timelapse videos.

Bienvenido a la habana

Trinidad Horse Race

Street Vendors in Havana

The Mystery of Machu Picchu

Tipon Ruins, Peru

Tipsoo Lake Timelapse

Busy People

Wallace Simpson Photography Portfolio Reel

Storm Moving In

Dublin Hyperlapse