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Manhattan and Brooklyn BridgesManhattan and Brooklyn BridgesA good friend moved his family to New Jersey a few years ago and we have remained good friends despite the distance. He invited me out there to take a unique boat ride around Manhattan specifically to take photos in exchange for him getting the print of his choice (pretty good deal if you ask me).

We spent the entire day traveling by boat around the island of Manhattan and we spent a fair amount of time under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges to get the perfect shot. This is actually a panoramic image constructed of a few individual shots merged together, which is remarkable given how much the boat was rocking and drifting between shots.

A perfect shot from a perfect day.


Nearly all of the prints shown on this web site are available for purchase as either photo prints on archival paper, photo prints on archival paper with white archival mats signed by the photographer, or as gallery wrapped canvas prints ready to hang on the wall.  All of the photo prints on paper (with or without mats) are standard sizes which means almost any retail store that sells frames will have frames for these prints and custom framing is always an option.

Sometimes I get special requests - a print that is similar to what I show on the site but only slightly different.  For example, my Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges panorama is really popular, and I had a customer ask if I had a similar shot with just the Brooklyn Bridge. With over 170,000 photos in my catalog, I was able deliver just the right photograph to the customer. I might have something perfect for you even if you don't see it on my web site. Just email me and ask; special orders are not a problem.

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